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Madrid is the location to go when you want to see a cautious marital relationship of the old and brand-new. Among the gems of Spain, Madrid was as soon as home to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella who joined the households of Aragon and Castile. Throughout the Spanish Civil War, Madrid was the head office of the Republicans and as such was greatly destroyed by the war. It was bombed numerous times and General Franco constructed commercial complexes in the area.

Today, Madrid is now an economic, social and cultural center that equals other Spanish cities in addition to cities in Europe. It possesses groundbreaking architecture, great cuisine, abundant history and fantastic people who are both laidback and ambitious. The City of Madrid pulsates with life as it introduces a brand-new centuries.

When to Go

Madrid is among the highest cities in Europe located at 2,100 feet above sea level and therefore delights in a cool environment than other cities in Spain. It is perfect to check out Madrid from April to June and September and October. The climate can be extreme and during the middle of the summertime, the heat can be overbearing. Native Madrilenos typically leave the city to lie in the beaches close by. Throughout this period, a lot of shops and dining establishments in the city are closed so attempt to plan your journey around these periods.

Where to Go

The heart of the cit is properly called Centro. It is a historic landmark and can be toured on foot. There are mazes of streets surrounding the 3,000 square feet location and its best to bring a map with you. The people are friendly so you can quickly ask around and the majority of people speak little English.

The main area is the Puerta del Sol (Sun Gate) and is the starting point for a number of the streets in the city. Southwest of the Sun Gate is Plaza Mayor and even more on is La Latina, a bohemian and artistic community. Going west will lead you to the Palacio Real, the biggest royal palace in Western Europe. If you go east, you will be greeted with terrific tree-lined streets called Calle de Alcala. Beyond that, you will discover the Parque de Retiro, calm and peaceful, along with the Salamanca area which is chic and stylish. If you pick to go north, you will discover yourself in Chueca and Chamberi, the home to some prime shopping establishments.

What to Do

It would be a sin to go to Madrid without visiting the famous Muse del Prado where the works of the best Spanish masters are displayed such as those by Velazquez and Goya in addition to Dutch masters Rubens and Brueghel and Italy's Boticelli and Caravaggio. Admission is complimentary on Sunday however it can be crowded so you have the option of going on weekdays and its best to arrive prior to 9:00 AM.

Satisfy your culture desire by getting into the flamenco spirit. Las Tablas and Sala Juglar are two genuine flamenco areas where young dancers frequently carry out. When in Madrid, you will never ever ran out of stores to shop. CH Carolina Herrera's stylishly womanly styles can be bought in Calle Serrano and if you are hankering for suits or t-shirts that are perfectly-tailor-made, you can check out Sasteria Lopez Herbon's store in Calle Cedaceros.

Spanish culture and great food are nearly synonymous, simply as it is linked to all types of social entertainment. Madrid is considered to be a melting pot for foods from around the world. If you plan to visit restaurants in Madrid, skip the burgers and pizzas and try out brand-new culinary thrills and experiences. Food alternatives in Madrid offer range so don't miss out on the chance to take pleasure in diverse meals. As George Bernard Shaw aptly stated, "I dislike feeling in your home when I am abroad."

Madrid Food: Timings and Courses

Across the world, breakfast is considered to be the 'essential' meal of the day but Spaniards choose little breakfasts. This may be because of the truth that they are not early risers. A lot of consuming joints in Madrid begin functioning just after 8 a.m. so breakfast is generally served around 9.30 a.m.

Standard breakfast items are:

* Magdalenas: Likewise called 'Maria' crackers, these round shaped crackers (biscuit) are sweet.

* Churros: They are lightly fried and garnished with honey or sugar. They resemble big French fries and are considered to be the Spanish variation of doughnuts.

* Torrijas: This is a form of pudding three days in madrid normally made of white bread and served with cinnamon and sugar or honey. Though it is a popular breakfast dish, it is also worked as dessert.

A Spanish lunch is the largest meal of the day and it is called 'La Comida.' Dining establishments in Madrid normally served lunch in between 2.00 and 3.00 p.m with a variety of courses such as:

Appetizers or Entrantes: Popular appetizer in Madrid is 'tapas.' These are finger foods, made of a variety of ingredients such as:

* Meat

* Ham

* Olives

* Cheese which are served on toothpicks.

Main dish: A main dish might include veggie and/or meat meals. The vegetarian dishes in Madrid consist of a mixture of fresh vegetables, spices and sauces. Beans, asparagus and garlic are popular components in these dishes. Seafood items such as fish, clams and shrimp are also popular in Madrid. Some popular seafood meals are:

* Bacalao con Tomate (cod fish served with tomato sauce).

* Sardinas a la Santanderina (fried and sauteed sardines).

* Meat products such as beef, lamb and pork meals are also popularly served in the primary course. Some popular meat meals are Cochifrito (potted lamb in lemon) and Cochinillo Asado (roast pig).

Dessert or Postre: This comprises various types of ice cream and custard. A dessert is likewise usually served with an espresso coffee. A well known dessert meal is Flan, which is a vanilla egg custard, garnished with caramel sauce.

A Spanish supper is called 'La Cena.' Dinner is usually taken in after 9.00 p.m. The majority of dining establishments in Madrid offer their lunch specials throughout dinner also.

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